Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is my new phone number (google voice number). 57-The-Poor-Joker is the expansion for the non spanish folks.

If you guys are looking for creative ways to publish/communicate your phone numbers, I recommend this site.

As I have decided without any doubt that there cannot be an absolute purpose/meaning to my life, I am preparing myself to solely commit to a series of sweet lies, faked shared preferences, strong group affiliations and occasional get-tog-ethers. In short, stay in touch. (If you dont know me and you are reading this.. Assert(0))

PS1:remove/delete all my previous numbers so that you do not get "who is this?" replies
PS2:I got a Samsung Captivate!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


A cube has 6 faces- how much does a human have?

I really do not know the answer to the question.. I consider human character to be a continuum of things.. it is the most analog thing out there in the world.In other words, there are no discrete quantum leaps in the scale of greatness of a person. In simpler words, all is grey when u start measuring it!

All my life I have assumed that having a single face is the solution to all problems - absolute transparency and universal objective accountability. But now I can assert based on first person experience that absolute transparency is impossible and hypocrisy MUST be the way of life for any civilized person. There cannot be a single face for all of us - the dichotomy gives rise to personality and character.

In short, if your whole life can be explained based on simple reason - that means u have not been living it. Be a hypocrite or be a stereotype - there is no middle ground!