Monday, December 07, 2015

Chennai floods - Donate!

"It's rain in Chennai" is usually accompanied with a ":)". Not anymore. People from all walks of life are affected to varying degrees. Please donate milk, food, water, essentialsclothes and money you can. will help you track this crisis as it progresses.

I spent 4 days without electricity in West Mambalam and the biggest problem I had was boredom. The only other challenge was aligning my internal clock with the Sun. So while donating, please make sure that me, or like people like me, do not receive any of your donations.

Chennai is recovering from this flood fast with sunshine today and hopefully more pleasant days looking ahead. There are many government entities, volunteer teams, political parties, other organisations and individuals who are actively working on this recovery. Let us trust the entire system and give them time and hold off any criticisms until full recovery.