Thursday, December 28, 2006

I need some 10 lakhs in 6 months


Is there a legal, ethical way for an ordinary person to earn 10 lakhs with hard work and intelligence (i ll borrow it!) in 6 months.

This question is more real than hypothetical as I need the money badly! Assuming some1 is reading all this crap, I call for constructive suggestions on this issue.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Two months and 10 days in retrospect

1.Two months and 10 days after joining the work force of cognizant.. What have I achieved???

2. Is this life changing me for the better -- making me a "professional"??

3. Am I learning anything ???

4. Is this life worth emulating?


I have made a lot of friends after joining my team and I assume people around me like me (or at least able to tolerate me!)...

So.. This new "GANG" is my only achievement.

I have done what I was told to do for all this time-- but that hardly can be classified as an "achievement".

Am I a professional?

Though it is tempting to shout out YES, the fact remains that I don't have most of the characteristics of what I expect of a professional!

I talk a lot (as usual) mostly when I am not supposed to talk!

I am way too candid and talk watever I can think about!

Well.. Other than this factor-- I guess I am as pro as everybody else-- but still wud like to have an objective opinion of this metric!

Am I learning anything?

Its important for a person to learn something coz-- when the learning curve ends- ur youth ends-- u become one of those stereotypes!

so keep learning some stuff if u wanna stay young.

I learnt a few stuff in java and little about the process.

But the overall job does not require vast learning as much as it requires repetition of simple tasks.

4) Am I worthy?

Ofcourse not!

I am not a pessimist or a person who cannot see the powers I possess. But the fact remains that whatever I do for work doesn't even remotely link to my purpose of life.

Our whole account converts one format of data to another. Does it seem like a noble task???

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I am proffessional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finished training in cts...

now going to work tomo..

following wherever my life takes me to and my heart commands me to.

Whats my destiny?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Sunday, June 25, 2006

some 'events' in the past one month

On 24th may 2006 16:35 PM

Well..this is not exactly 1 month from now.. so wat??

This was the last exam i had to take.It was Parallel Computing an elective paper.

As usual i took more than 50 minutes for the first question hoping to catch up later...which i didnt do. At 16:35 .. i had 25 minutes left before they kick me out of the room and i had to answer for 52 marks! I has wrote for 2 hrs and 35 minutes only to answer for 48 marks (3*16).

This was the last exam.. and seemed like there is going to be a BIG TWIST(ofcourse not a good one) waiting for me!

I wrote with so much speed that even i couldnt read wat i was writing...

Well..some examiner made some sense out of it.. and i PASSED ( i really donno how much i scored ..should be above 60...)

Out of the exam hall, i started to run...

I ran .. ran .. and ran... the atmosphere was filled with people wishing congratuations to each other and people rejoicing at the fact that they had accomplished what they came to the college for...

I ran....

I was a little excited about my accomplishments inside the exam hall and explained it to every1 who would listen to me ... thou it was still difficult to find any1 with ears for me!!

I ran.... very happy that i dont have to get back to these places EVER! (I havent yet gone to my college after that day.. not even to collect the certificates)..NOT that i hated that place.. I really dono for sure what i feel about my college..anyway it doesnt matter....

I ran.... ofcourse not caring who looked at me .. coz its their problem not mine... to bear with me for 1 last time!

I ran through the corridor to the canteen.. I STOPPED on my way to the canteen to see that my bag was open and i dont have purse. My friend was walking with me (somehow managing to keep phase with me).. I gave my bag and all it contents to him...

Now i had a problem. I had a train to catch at 10 PM that night to some hillspot!

I cant miss the bus (which leaves at 5 30 PM) and safely get home and then leave for the railway station.

I turned to run towards the exam hall to get my purse..

But I was stopped by my friend before even i started ..

He gave me my purse back! I had just given him the purse with all the contents of my bag to him..

The canteen forced me to give treat to a few friends and ....

Sunday, May 14, 2006



Other than eat and sleep my days are filled with non stop movies in this vacation.. i mean "study holidays"....
What type of movies do i like?
well.. its difficult to answer that answer right away
What type of movies do i hate?
I hate stupid tamil movies in which no one has even a vague idea of whats being filmed.
(Example..All vijayganth,prabhu films )
I hate super cool high budget hollywood movies in which we all know whats going to happen and just wait to get it over with.
(Example.. Undersiege, Outbreak)
Now lets get back to the previous question.
I like movies which cannot be properly classified as belonging to a particular type.
(Example.. Pulp fiction, Love actally)
I like weird movies in which the total story or the choice of characters are done in the crudest possible way.
(Example.. Being john malkovich,Meet the feebles)
I like the coolest drama pics ever made.
(Example.. 12 angry men, A clockwork orange,hamlet)
I like almost any properly made thriller.
(Example.. Se7en, Eyes wide shut,coldblooded,Identity,Bourne Identity,Touch of Evil,Village)
I like any comedy pic which makes me laugh.
Woody allen is the best.(Annie hall,Love and death)
Monty python series.
Adam sandler..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


If you didnt know it already i am totally vetti,jobless.
The greatest problem i face daily is to decide wat to do next.

Open to suggestions :D


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Prejudice and Openmindedness

Everything we do is prejudiced. We dont note that in trivial cases.

When i say "prejudice" it covers everything like racism, nationality,caste...

This is obviously wrong.

But whats the solution? Openmindedness?

Can a person be open minded in the perfect sense of the word?

NO its just not possible.

Life is just a process of learning and unlearning the principles...

K..enF theory (4 now ;) )

When the sun sets in the west

When the moon rises in the east

When the crows fly towards the south

and the winds blow towards the north

its time to look for better blogs :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

College after a fortnight

Its been more than 15 days since i have been to the classes. Getting too used to doing nothing.

It was the same class mates(what did i expect???) and almost nothing new.

TS sir(?!!!), gave a highly motivating and fruitfull lecture with full enthu but without telling one valid point. I listened (well thats what happens when u sit in the first bench..) and it was hell of an experience.

Then we had the TQM, a subject which deals with next to nothing... its obviously a theory paper in which there is nothing what so ever to teach. To hide overself from the fact, the teacher gives notes in one hour and students take notes. Then she calls some1 at random and the person reads the notes back..well HIGHLY interactive... (The book is far better than the class, read the 7 habits book .... atleast it may be useful).

For the rest of the time, i donno how we manage to sit for so much time and DO NOTHING!!!!!

Well.. pretty soon... all these will be over and no more college!! Will it make me feel any better? ... i really donno..

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Is there nothing to tell?

Unfortunately, its true that there is NOTHING at all to tell...

(then why am i writing this?????..still worse u r reading it ;)) )
Life is so very peaceful that peace becomes boredom.

Well.. 3 movies per day is the average count now...

Its not even that i look for good movies, if its a bad movie and even if i know it is , i keep on watching looking for what exactly is bad..

U ..still reading this.. Hurray.. there is a person more jobless than i am (or i guess so..)