Thursday, December 28, 2006

I need some 10 lakhs in 6 months


Is there a legal, ethical way for an ordinary person to earn 10 lakhs with hard work and intelligence (i ll borrow it!) in 6 months.

This question is more real than hypothetical as I need the money badly! Assuming some1 is reading all this crap, I call for constructive suggestions on this issue.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Two months and 10 days in retrospect

1.Two months and 10 days after joining the work force of cognizant.. What have I achieved???

2. Is this life changing me for the better -- making me a "professional"??

3. Am I learning anything ???

4. Is this life worth emulating?


I have made a lot of friends after joining my team and I assume people around me like me (or at least able to tolerate me!)...

So.. This new "GANG" is my only achievement.

I have done what I was told to do for all this time-- but that hardly can be classified as an "achievement".

Am I a professional?

Though it is tempting to shout out YES, the fact remains that I don't have most of the characteristics of what I expect of a professional!

I talk a lot (as usual) mostly when I am not supposed to talk!

I am way too candid and talk watever I can think about!

Well.. Other than this factor-- I guess I am as pro as everybody else-- but still wud like to have an objective opinion of this metric!

Am I learning anything?

Its important for a person to learn something coz-- when the learning curve ends- ur youth ends-- u become one of those stereotypes!

so keep learning some stuff if u wanna stay young.

I learnt a few stuff in java and little about the process.

But the overall job does not require vast learning as much as it requires repetition of simple tasks.

4) Am I worthy?

Ofcourse not!

I am not a pessimist or a person who cannot see the powers I possess. But the fact remains that whatever I do for work doesn't even remotely link to my purpose of life.

Our whole account converts one format of data to another. Does it seem like a noble task???