Thursday, February 09, 2006

Prejudice and Openmindedness

Everything we do is prejudiced. We dont note that in trivial cases.

When i say "prejudice" it covers everything like racism, nationality,caste...

This is obviously wrong.

But whats the solution? Openmindedness?

Can a person be open minded in the perfect sense of the word?

NO its just not possible.

Life is just a process of learning and unlearning the principles...

K..enF theory (4 now ;) )

When the sun sets in the west

When the moon rises in the east

When the crows fly towards the south

and the winds blow towards the north

its time to look for better blogs :)


Dani! said...

O.o ow man! do u think everything we do is prejudice?
well... lets discus it lat8r ok?

Dani! said...

but, i liked ur vison ^^
good job!

alags said...

tat was nice da..

Ana Teresa said...

What is caste? I love the sentence "Life is just a process of learning and unlearning the principles..." can i use this in my orkut? I work in the most of my time with this!