Sunday, May 14, 2006



Other than eat and sleep my days are filled with non stop movies in this vacation.. i mean "study holidays"....
What type of movies do i like?
well.. its difficult to answer that answer right away
What type of movies do i hate?
I hate stupid tamil movies in which no one has even a vague idea of whats being filmed.
(Example..All vijayganth,prabhu films )
I hate super cool high budget hollywood movies in which we all know whats going to happen and just wait to get it over with.
(Example.. Undersiege, Outbreak)
Now lets get back to the previous question.
I like movies which cannot be properly classified as belonging to a particular type.
(Example.. Pulp fiction, Love actally)
I like weird movies in which the total story or the choice of characters are done in the crudest possible way.
(Example.. Being john malkovich,Meet the feebles)
I like the coolest drama pics ever made.
(Example.. 12 angry men, A clockwork orange,hamlet)
I like almost any properly made thriller.
(Example.. Se7en, Eyes wide shut,coldblooded,Identity,Bourne Identity,Touch of Evil,Village)
I like any comedy pic which makes me laugh.
Woody allen is the best.(Annie hall,Love and death)
Monty python series.
Adam sandler..


The Wumpus said...

Mate, Calling Underseige a super cool high budget hollywood movie is an INSULT to all super cool high budget hollywood movies!!!

Ana Teresa said...

Hi! I come to see your blog! And i'm laughing because we like exactly the same kind of films!

Ana Teresa said...

its bad that we can't talk about the brasilians films...