Thursday, December 21, 2006

Two months and 10 days in retrospect

1.Two months and 10 days after joining the work force of cognizant.. What have I achieved???

2. Is this life changing me for the better -- making me a "professional"??

3. Am I learning anything ???

4. Is this life worth emulating?


I have made a lot of friends after joining my team and I assume people around me like me (or at least able to tolerate me!)...

So.. This new "GANG" is my only achievement.

I have done what I was told to do for all this time-- but that hardly can be classified as an "achievement".

Am I a professional?

Though it is tempting to shout out YES, the fact remains that I don't have most of the characteristics of what I expect of a professional!

I talk a lot (as usual) mostly when I am not supposed to talk!

I am way too candid and talk watever I can think about!

Well.. Other than this factor-- I guess I am as pro as everybody else-- but still wud like to have an objective opinion of this metric!

Am I learning anything?

Its important for a person to learn something coz-- when the learning curve ends- ur youth ends-- u become one of those stereotypes!

so keep learning some stuff if u wanna stay young.

I learnt a few stuff in java and little about the process.

But the overall job does not require vast learning as much as it requires repetition of simple tasks.

4) Am I worthy?

Ofcourse not!

I am not a pessimist or a person who cannot see the powers I possess. But the fact remains that whatever I do for work doesn't even remotely link to my purpose of life.

Our whole account converts one format of data to another. Does it seem like a noble task???

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Alags said...

daai mokka... gud tat u ve started blogging.. keep it going..