Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hollywood Hollywood

I always thought road trips are those kind of things which everyone pretends to be excited about because it sounds cool. To my surprise my first driving road trip proved to be awesome fun and profoundly entertaining.

I am trying to break the pieces of the road trip into its constiuent parts - but as you all know the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts.. So here all the list of fun things I did last saturday in no particualar order

Aug-15-2009 7:15 am : Pretending to not hear my friend's wake up call to start the road trip.
Aug-15-2009 8:15 am : Continuing previous step with great resolve.
Aug-15-2009 9:10 am : Woke up and asked the simple question "Are we really going?"
Aug-15-2009 9:20 am: Driving my nissan maxima out of my house.
Aug-15-2009 1:00 pm: I travelled at 100 miles/hour for the first time in my car.
Aug-15-2009 3:35 pm: Ate "Soy chicken" in vegan world restaurant.
Aug-15-2009 6:00 pm: Figuring out how to go to Hollywood sign.
Aug-15-2009 7:00 pm: Illegally Hiking toward the hollywood sign.
Aug-15-2009 7:30 pm: Shot a "deeply philosophical" short film (run time 27 secs)
Aug-15-2009 9:00 pm: Sitting in Electirc Karma restaurant waiting for the "sambhar soup" which didnt come with the "Thali" that I ordered.
Aug-15-2009 10:30 pm: Walking in some kind of crazy hi-fi street where things are supposed to be fashionable (meaning expensive).
Aug-15-2009 11:45 pm: Took a picture of my patient friend near Staples building.
Aug-16-2009 12:16 am: Made a wierd left lane change in a curve making the trip adventerous.
Aug-16-2009 1:10 am: Driving back towards L.A to refuel the car.
Aug-16-2009 4:30 am: Found highway driving really boring because there is nothing happening.
Aug-16-2009 5:15 am: Me and my friend had no more topics to discuss and began to start repeating words, phrases, jokes, debates and arguments.
Aug-16-2009 6:25 am: I closed my eyes in sleep while travelling in 101.
Aug-16-2009 6:26 am: Woke up again still in 101 - still travelling in the right direction.
Aug-16-2009 7:15 am: Came home and slept till 3 pm.


Arun said...

Are you still attempting to drive an entire stretch without applying brakes as you used to do in your useless TVS50 from arumugam sir tution back to SBI quarters?

Koushik said...

sadly yes - I am still tempted to think its fuel optimization when my more informed automobily friends strongly deny such claims

meghna said...

interesting post.. i usually find journal entries (with timestamps) very boring but yours is good. i can actually see all the scenes happening in my head.