Sunday, March 28, 2010

Critical Analysis of "Angadi Theru" (Market street)

Breathe eat sleep bathe laugh cry earn save can be done with reasonable tolerance by the protagonists in angadi theru; hope safety comfort progress freedom and prosperity cannot be achieved to any degree of satisfaction; love?

Instead of figuratively touching upon subjects like "love is more important than money" using punch dialog like in most ordinary movies , this movie tackles the above question in a tutorial-by-example fashion. Though we can theorize to some degree that material things are NOT important for love (and in turn happiness), to see the theory exemplified in a real brutal world through live characters in realistic scenarios is an amazing experience.

Despite of having a story about people with bleak future, this movie has a positive note all along, sandwiched between scene after scene of brutal, but realistic abuse. The climax of the movie, though at first glance seems like a movie sequence set in a tone of "final destination" (yet another accident? Really?!!), is a quick summary of the entire plot (in my opinion) : "love + hope > dire circumstances"

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