Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Word of experience

Dont feel happy. Thats the root cause of all real and imagined troubles. Whenever u are faced with a sense of primitive joy ( the same feeling a kid gets when given a bag of choclates).. ask the following questions

1) Who / What is making me happy?

2) Will this prolong for the near future? If not, what will be the course of my actions? If yes, how long in the future do i have this secured?

3) What is the "real" source of the happiness?

4) Do i really really wanna be happy because of this?

After asking all these queries, there will be no "trouble" left, because u would have sucked out the happiness from the whole scene - which is exactly what you should do..

The reasons that i learned the hard way

If you are made happy by an external source, u r always liable to loose it and everything else u had with it.. u ll be in a state from which all ur fundamental assumptions are lost and questions like why all these things are "happening" to me would arise.

The reason is u invested ur source of happiness in the wrong place

Well. if u follow everything i had jus said u would become the biggest killjoy ever walked the surface of earth- so... the only take away from all this crap is

Invest ur money carefully
Invest ur love more carefully, coz thats wat counts!

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