Tuesday, March 20, 2007

denying "nothing"

A baby is born. We tell it tat its going to gradually learn how to talk walk cry lie read write ... all by just imitating what everybody around it does..

Then we tell it , to learn all the "nuances" of life by "experience" by which we mean, it would get screwed in all walks of life.

Then we tell it , but by this time the weird brain of the baby starts working and it wont listen to anything anymore... The baby (not a baby anymore) will not listen to what anyones got to say and will make its choices through free will (even though everything it knows was learned through imitation).. But we got to tell it something right? How do we do it???

This baby will not listen to us if we are in the realms of reason because the baby itself is in that realm and the first question it shall ask is "Why should i listen to it?" So we cannot convince the baby by putting in something tats "reasonable"

If we should have any say, it is only possible by confusing the baby. Now then there are a million ways to do it.. Bring in some real scary terms like god,honor,freedom,revolution,equality,humanity, .Neither do we nor the baby understands these stupid words.. but these words are the only way for us to exercise a fleeting control on the baby..

so.. without these confusing words the baby can know that everything is meaningless

With all these confusing words the baby can lie to itself that everything is meaningful.

Both ways the fact remains that the baby is not and will not be any closer to the ultimate truth!


Anonymous said...

btter off watching porn!

Arun said...

the baby grew too quick...but still it makes a good read [:)]