Sunday, August 19, 2007

Death - The art of dying!

Death is a full stop to our life. When we reach a full stop of a sentence it is logical to look for the meaning of the sentence. But a life by itself has no meaning attributed to it - coz it means nothin but the act of staying from death.

Even though death cannot give meaning to us it sure gives us a kind of motivation to live. Death is assured- so we do not have to continue our stupidity for eternity!

My encounters with death are few and far between as I have never been that much of a risk taking person. All the events described below are some of the situations where i have tried to surrender my soul to carelessness n stupidity!

1) In park town railway station,I was crossing the railway track by foot even though I knew I was breaking some laws here. I was also sendin and receiving sms in my horribly used torn apart mobile phone. Concentrating more on the phone and not on my steps I fell down across the track as if I was prostrating myself before some idol. I was quick to recover and walked past the track as if nothing had happened.. well nothing happened anyway!

2) One dark rainy night,I was a pillion rider in my best friend's bike with him. He was uncharacteristically slow and careful in his driving. We traveled a lot without any destination as we usually do. When we were returning back home, the bike slided on uneven road and we were laying in the middle of the road. Seconds later a tata sumo parked itself, and I learned that these things have tires twice as big as my head! That was again a bad anecdote - coz nothing really happened again!

3) I completed doing gre,toefl,applied to univ, quit cts, cleared visa,tried hard to fall in love- but failed, flied to florida, enrolled courses and jumped into the swimming pool. I am good at walking in swimming pool pretending to swim than actually swimming. I tried to swim in the deep and was hoplessly drowning when one of my friends came to my rescue. I was alive again- nothing happened!

In either of the 3 cases (and in a few more which I cannot quite recollect), if something had happened- u couldnt be reading such a wonderful blog!!

In each of the above scenarios, I ask the question of what would have happened if I were dead. I see answers like people who like me very much will be sad(for a few days or so). The next question that comes to my mind is, what would happen when i really die in the future? Again I get the same set of answers- nothing different.

Just because death is the last act in life do not expect a conclusion there. Life is not a long journey where the road leads to paradise- its just a series of small picnics to enjoy and forget about.


Arun said...

cool blog..... it reminded me of the tupid swimming classes we were forced to attend in the 8th std!

Koushik said...

it was during ninth grade da!!